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Climb with the pioneers of Everest expedition guiding 1:1 sherpa to climber ratio on summit day



Mount Everest, rising to an elevation of 8,848m, is the world’s highest mountain. Named ‘Qomolangma’, or ‘Goddess Mother of the Snows’,  in Tibet,  Everest  was first ascended on 29 May, 1953 by New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay from Nepal, via the South Col Route.

Since then, reaching the summit of Everest has become the ultimate dream for climbers around the world. Everest expedition from North side has become more popular among the mountaineers to make their dream come true to stand on the summit of Everest. Due to the many reasons, low cost of royalty and other mountaineering services and uncomplicated route to the summit are the key factors to be a focus for more Everest climbers from North Col.

George Mallory and Andrew Irvine had chosen this route to summit Everest in the year 1924 but whether or not they succeeded still remains a mystery.


  • Trip Highlights

  • Trek Starts: Kathmandu
  • Trek Ends: Kathmandu
  • Length: 60 Days
  • Maximum Altitude: 8,848m
  • Grade: Strenuous Plus
  • Trekking Type: Expedition
  • Best season: April and May & October and November
  • Attractions: Highest point on earth. Outstanding, adventurous and yet daring expedition.
Package Price: $35,000.00
Number of Travelers:

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