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The ultimate expedition awaits you!

Mount Everest, rising to an elevation of 8,848m, is the world’s tallest mountain. Named ‘Sagarmatha’, meaning ‘Mother of the Universe’, in Nepal and ‘Qomolangma’, or ‘Goddess Mother of the Snows’,  in Tibet,  Everest  was first ascended on 29 May, 1953 by New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay from Nepal, via the South Col Route. Since then, reaching the summit of Everest has become the ultimate dream for climbers around the world.

Your Everest journey begins with a panoramic flight to Lukla, ‘Gateway to the Everest Region’. After trekking for seven days amid spectacular scenery, you will arrive at Everest Base Camp. Situated at 5,545m, Base Camp is like a lively small town with its collection of tented camps and assorted expedition groups.  Here you will meet the expedition support team.

During our expedition we will be climbing via the South East Ridge. You will be guided by a highly professional and experienced climbing team, veterans of many past successful mountaineering expeditions and experts at handling all issues related to mountain climbing in Nepal.


  • Trip Highlights

  • Trek Starts: Kathmandu
  • Trek Ends: Kathmandu
  • Length: 60 Days
  • Maximum Altitude: 8848 m
  • Grade: Strenuous Plus
  • Trekking Type: Expedition
  • Best season: April and May & October and November
  • Attractions: Highest point on earth. Outstanding, adventurous and yet daring expedition.
  • Video Testimonial:
Package Price: $35,000.00
Number of Travelers:

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