Simikot, Kailash, Kerung & Kathmandu - 21 Days

The scenic beauty of Mount Kailash and its surrounding terrain is not the only reason why thousands of people flock to this site. The religious and cultural importance of Mount Kailash spreads to four different religions; Hindus, Buddhists, Bons, and Jains. Take this journey to seek out the soul satisfaction this site is revered for. The holy aura this place exudes, along with the serenity of the high mountain air makes this an adventurous journey layered with spirituality in its every step.

Mount Kailash is a pilgrimage site that lies next to two lakes, Mansarovar and Rakshastal. There is a conviction that a circumambulation of Mount Kailash and a plunge in Lake Mansarovar will wash away all the sins. Not only that, a Kora (circumambience) around this site is considered to bring good fortune. For the purpose of Kora, you will trek from and back to Darchen, via Dira-puk and Zutul-puk monasteries, all the while basking in the sight of the holy mountain. Travel on trails that will take you through lovely valleys, forests and icy paths. The natural backdrop of rocky mountainous terrain adds to the aesthetic of spiritual journey. You will have the wonderful opportunity of witnessing the culture of two significant lands, Nepal and Tibet, both of which possess their unique aspects in terms of history and architecture. 

Expedition Himalaya.Com has put together this trip with incredible precision. Taking in all the needs of the traveler, this journey includes the most efficient pathway which also includes days of rest. Safety procedures have been duly arranged which also includes days set aside for acclimatization process. With a carefully penned out itinerary, Expedition Himalaya.Com strives to make this a quality journey worth remembering all your life. So if you are up for it, do check the itinerary we have prepared for you.


  • Starts In: Kathmandu
  • Ends In: Kathmandu
  • Maximum altitude: 5080m
  • Best Season: April-August
  • Activities: Pilgrimage, sightseeing & trekking
  • Accommodation: Hotels, lodges & guesthouses
  • Transportation: Airplane & luxury jeep/bus
  • Group size: 2-12 pax
  • Online Booking

Package Price: $4,620.00
Number of Travelers: