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About Us


Mount Everest Expedition? 

Customized treks to the 6000-8000m peaks of Kanchenjunga and its sister peaks?


A cultural immersion programme?

Basic tea house treks to soak in the beauty of the Himalayan Range?

Plans to commemorate your special day on one of our treks or peaks?


We are your one-stop service provider ! 

Expedition Himalaya, a veteran of Mount Everest and Himalayan expeditions, are poised to make climbing the Himalayan range a safe and unforgettable experience.

Always looking to present adventure tourism in Nepal in from different angles, we use the help of certified and skilled Sherpas to take you through your journey in addition to to veteran guides who have summited Mount Everest numerous times. 

Our Team is proud that trips and expeditions that we have undertaken have been successfully organized and conquered. Also, our networks and connections with several international agents have opened up whole new opportunities, and a huge client base for us. Our zeal for discovery has led us to explore unorthodox and undiscovered paths, new destinations that given us a repeated flow of clients.

A company that also believes in goodwill and giving back, which is why we make it a priority to help out our community and look out for them, at present the company has been funding 24 students who were the children of Sherpa guides and climbers who passed away during expeditions.

Our company‚Äôs wholesome, adventurous approach to doing business has led to satisfied clients and a thriving workforce. With years of expertise to back us up and the string of accolades to give us credibility it only seems fitting to embark on a travel journey with us. 

Join us at Expedition Himalaya where the adventure never ceases and thrill never stops!

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