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Mountain Climbing Guides’ Refresher Training

Climbing Guide Refresher Training included different topics related to the guidelines that one needs to follow while on a mountain.

2020 was expected to be a fruitful year for Tourism in Nepal. However, the world was struck with a global pandemic for which all the people around the world suffered. Things have started to change as people have started traveling again. We hope that the year 2021 will be flourishing for the tourism industry. Nepal has started to gear up for reopening of the tourism activities after a dreadful year struck with the global pandemic. Post Covid-19, a training program was organized by Nepal National Mountain Guide Association (NNMGA) in collaboration with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) for all the mountain guides. All the climbing members of Expedition Himalaya participated in the Climbing Guide Refresher Training. The training was basically the revision of things one knows and things that the guide should know while on a mountain which is the most important thing for the safety and security of the clients to mitigate various risks during any adventure activity.

Trekking and Mountaineering Safety and Security

Trekking and mountaineering come under adventure tourism which involves risks. The safety and security of the client are always the priority for the guides as well as the hosts. While on the mountain, guides need to be mentally and physically prepared for any kinds of unseen circumstances. The training provided knowledge on different topics such as Avalanche, Icefalls, Altitude Mountain sickness, proper clothing and equipment as well as measures to cope with it.

Trekking and Mountaineering Rules and Regulations

While engaging oneself in any kind of activity, it is compulsory to be abiding by the rules and regulations stated by the concerned authority. Trekking and Mountaineering are always guided by the rules and regulations provided by the government or the related organization. Rules can be described as the guidelines or instructions for doing something correctly. These are the principles that govern the conduct or behavior of a person in a country. On the other hand, regulations refer to the directives or statutes enforced by law.

Tourism in Nepal

The topic Tourism in Nepal covered information about the types of tourism activities that are carried out in the country. Tourism in Nepal is generally divided into two types (a) Nature Tourism and (b) Culture Tourism. The training mainly focused on Nature tourism under subjects including Hiking, trekking, peak climbing, and mountaineering.

A short introduction to Mountain Weather Hazard and Safety Concern.

Mountain weather is full of challenges that cannot be controlled but predicted. Within a fraction of a second, the weather might change completely. We can take steps to minimize the risk they pose to us. The topic discussed were Avalanches, sudden Weather Changes, falling Rocks and Seracs and crevasses.

The training session was very fruitful for our team Expedition as it provided much-updated information related to mountaineering. It was a revision on different safety measures and precautions which are to be applied in the Mountains Environment which will definitely help to improve the decision-making skills and planning. The training also acted as a preparation for the Everest Expedition for this coming season. Overall, Climbing Guide Refresher Training was extremely helpful that made our guides prepared to embark on the Himalayan trails and Mountains.

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