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Amazing Top 10 facts of Mount Kanchenjunga

The third highest mountain in the world, Mount Kanchenjunga holds amazing facts which will make you awe. Here we have listed the top 10 facts of Mount Kanchenjunga / Khangchendzonga.

Summit of Kanchenjunga is still untouched!


Highest Mountain in the World ?

Kanchenjunga was believed to the highest mountain in the world until 1852. However, based on the British Great Trigonometric Survey in 1849 they found that the Everest ( then known as Peak XV ) was the highest peak of the world.

A band of Five Mountains

Kanchenjunga is not just the name of one mountain, the name translates into “Five treasure of snow “ collectively referring to the Kanchenjunga five peaks. Among these five peaks, two peaks lie solely on the Nepal side. The remaining 3 peaks along with Kanchenjunga Main lies in the border between Nepal and Sikkim ( India ).

Killer Mountain

Kanchenjunga is infamously known as Killer Mountain because of its high fatality rate. Since the 1990’s more than 20% of people died while climbing Kanchenjunga’s main peak. It is the second least climbed mountain right after Mount Annapurna, among the mountains higher than 8,000 meters.

Routes to Summit

It has 4 total routes to climb this killer mountain. Among which southwest, northwest and northeast lie in Nepal. The northeastern route lies in the Sikkim side.

First Summit

Mountaineers Joe Brown and George Band, part of British Expedition were the first to climb Kanchenjunga successfully

Summit of Kanchenjunga is still untouched.

As the local tribe people, they worship the mountain as one of their deity. Therefore the first climber had made a promise that they will not put their feet on the top of the mountain and will stop short form the summit, leaving the summit untouched. This tradition is being followed till this date, which is a very intriguing fact this mountain holds.

Summit without Oxygen

A team of Mountaineers, including Doug Scott, Peter Boardman, and Joe Tasker managed to summit the Kanchenjunga without auxiliary oxygen on 16 May 1979 AD

Solo Ascent

Pierre Beghin did an unbelievable act of scaling this deadly mountain alone and even without the use of supplemental oxygen in 1983 AD.

Yeti ??

The rumor has been prevailing around the globe about the sighting of a mountain deity, infamously known as YETI. It is believed that Yeti is supposed to live and dwells in these areas. A handful of mountaineers have claimed to have sighted these creatures, which is the most amazing facts about Mount Kanchenjunga

World Heritage Site

Kanchenjunga has been listed into UNESCO – World Heritage Site in 2016, July 17. Before it was listed in UNESCO, it was already a conserved area namely “Kanchenjunga Conservation Area” in Nepal and “Khangchendzonga National Park ” in Sikkim ( India ).

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