Nabil Trital

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+977 985-1004278
Kathmandu, Nepal
Nabin Trital is the Managing Director of Expedition Nabin has twenty years of expertise in the sector and has worked in it since the beginning. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, he is a Himalayan explorer and organizer of expeditions, tours, and treks.

The first expedition Nabin led was a successful Mount Everest expedition. Since then, he has led trips to Mount Everest and other summits on an annual basis. Nabin, who works in the tourism industry, has traveled to the Netherlands, Spain, Cambodia, USA, London, Canada, China, Russia, Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, among other countries, as part of his involvement in the marketing and promotion of tourism in Nepal, both on his own and in collaboration with various organizations, including the Nepal Tourism Board. From 2019 to 2021, Nabin served as Vice President of the Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN). 

He is also an executive board member of the Expedition Operator Association, a general member of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, a founding member of the High-Altitude Mountain Worker Welfare Association, and a member of the Skal Club of Kathmandu
(a club for high tourism entrepreneurs). Nabin has been actively engaging in several trainings and staying ahead with leadership trainings, group management trainings, and other tourism-related workshops and conventions. In addition to operating tours and expeditions, Nabin has practiced sustainable tourism and social responsibility by supporting community-based local businesses that adopt environmentally friendly practices and by organizing numerous trainings for mountain people and communities to build their skills and their careers.

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