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Trekking Grade


The trekking programmes featured in this website are classified into THREE different categories according to level of difficulty. Our grading systems should be taken as a general guideline only; it is up to you to judge your own fitness, ability and overall suitability for each trek.

Soft Adventure

These treks are only about a week to 10 days’ duration and generally do not go higher than 4,000m. Each day’s walk will last around 4 – 5 hours. Soft adventure treks are a perfect introduction to trekking in Nepal. The activity level is fairly easy but will include some big hills requiring more exertion.

Moderate to fairly challenging treks

These are longer treks into the heart of high mountain country, often to famous mountaineering Base Camps and invariably involving one or more high-pass crossings. Physically quite tiring, these treks involve time at high-altitude, some long days of approximately 6-8 hours’ trekking and some exposed trails. No previous experience is required but you should be moderately fit, used to some form of regular exercise and know that you enjoy walking in the great outdoors.


These are long, tough treks into remote and isolated areas where the terrain is wild and untamed and where the local inhabitants have seen little change in their way of life for centuries. Physically challenging, these treks are likely to include extended periods at altitude, unfavorable weather conditions and strenuous activities, such as, climbing/scrambling across high passes.

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