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Trekking Types



We offer three options regarding the organisation of your trek:

  • Camping Trek/Fully-Organised Trek (FOT)
  • Lodge/teahouse trek
  • Guide, Accommodation and Porter Trek

Camping Trek/Fully-Organised Trek (FOT)

Includes: guide; porters; cook; kitchen crew; all meals; tents

On a camping or FOT trek, you will be sleeping and eating in tents, accompanied by a trekking crew comprising: one Sirdar; one cook; kitchen helpers; sherpa assistants; and porters. The numbers of porters, sherpas and kitchen staff in any crew will depend on the size of the group.

As the local leader, the Sirdar is head of the trekking crew and responsible for all logistics during the trek as well as being the de facto leader of the group as a whole, unless a western leader or trained local guide has specifically been requested. The Sirdar and sherpa assistants will guide and assist you along the trail ensuring you don’t take the wrong path and help you over any potentially tricky areas. The kitchen crew will keep you well-fed throughout the trek with tasty, varied and nutritious meals and the porters are responsible for transporting all the gear from camp to camp.

The Sirdar and his assistants can speak basic English, good enough to tell you in simple terms about the places visited during the trek, the local culture or various sights that catches your attention.

Camping treks are normally offered for more remote regions where there is limited, or no, access to lodges/teahouses for accommodation and food. Our main aim is to make the trek as smooth, hassle-free and enjoyable for you as possible.

Lodge/Teahouse Trek

Includes: Accommodation in lodges; guide; porters; all meals

These treks are along routes with access to tea-houses and lodges for overnight accommodation. Amenities vary per lodge from basic but comfortable to pretty luxurious, but all offer warmth and a variety of food and are normally run by friendly local families. Lodge or tea house treks are less expensive than camping treks and suitable for smaller groups.

Guide, Accommodation and Porter trek (GAP trek)

Includes:  Accommodation; guide; porters

Excludes: Food

This option is for those trekkers who want basic support from us. We provide an English-speaking, local Sherpa guide, arrange porters and book and pay for all accommodation in local lodges during the trek but trekkers meet their own food costs, paying the lodge-owner directly for all meals/drinks consumed while trekking. Expect to spend around NRs1000-1,500 a day for food. This is the most economic trekking option.


We provide different options concerning leadership in order to match your requirements:

  • Western leader
  • Trained Nepali trek leader (experienced and knowledgeable)
  • Sherpa guide (handles the logistics and guides you and your team on the trek) 

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