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Why Book with Expedition Himalaya?


Professional Team

We believe in giving the international level of service while remaining true to our local hospitality. Our team is trained to remain professional, which yields results such as timely replies, patient deliverance, and compassionate deliverance when dealing with different kinds of travelers. Repeated training addressing aspects of customer service, and practice sessions and workshops to deliver better service also helps our team stay on top of their game. 


Guaranteed Departures

Nepal’s unique climate and landscape can at times prove to be challenging, however, irrespective of how challenging the conditions to get, we come through with guaranteed departures. When a challenging situation arises, we gather our resources and work on contingency plans that yield the positive outcome. Our emphasis on timely execution of our services causes us to have zero tolerance to late workings and hence foster guaranteed timely departures.


24/7 Service

As we mentioned, our diligence and passion to provide you an international level of service mean that our services are available to you 24/7. This means our team of professionals is always ready with timely responses, despite the time zone, assisting you with each problem, interest, or query. Travelling can be stressful and with this service, we hope to be your companion and take the pressure off you one step at a time.


Private & Group Trips

Rigid travel plans never make for great stories, traveling should embody the sentiment of excitement and at times versatility that we hope to achieve through our business. We get all kinds of travelers interested in our services and it is our job to provide them with a service that matches with their personality. For people looking to engage in a cultural exchange, we provide group tours where you can either mingle with strangers or take your friends and family in the trip of their lives. Similarly, for those that enjoy solitude and a personal journey, we provide private or small group trips.  


Nepal & Tibet Expert

For those that are looking for the expert opinion, tried and tested trails, itineraries that give you maximum exploration, then Expedition Himalaya is the place to be at. Our years of experience and constant need to challenge ourselves have helped us push the boundaries and become experts in different activities that our clients engage in both Nepal and Tibet. Be it the tall Himalayas, the plains of Nepal, or the striking Buddhist communities and art of Tibet, we can provide you a well-rounded experience of both places.


99% Success Rate

Due to our experienced guides, quick and diligent staff, and our exceptional itineraries, we have achieved a 99% success rate in our travel packages. Additionally, we put special attention to your safety by training our guides in basic first aid, using certified equipment, and being prepared for any kind of emergency situation.


50% Repeated Clients

The way we differentiate ourselves is through our quality service. Our guides take it upon themselves to give you exactly what you need, be it companionship, advice, protection, or patient listening, which is why the bonds we form through these activities seem to make our clients turn into friends; friends who trust us enough to know that when they travel with us, they are guaranteed a great experience.

















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